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JP Motorsports LLC
2251 N. Rampart #280
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Hours: 9am-7pm (PST) M-Sat
Phone: 702-256-8254
Email: info@matslv.com

Disclaimer: Mopar is the registered trademark of Chrysler LLC, the term Mopar, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep are used for descriptive purpose only. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by, nor endorsed by Chrysler LLC.

    Indy Cylinder Head Quick 16

    Open to the quickest 16 entries into the event with a Chrysler/Mopar engine. Payout will be $5,000 to win.

    This class will be open to the quickest 16 cars running under an 9.25 cut-off. In the event that a 16-car field cannot be met, based on a cut-off of 9.25, the field will be reduced to the quickest 16 entries. Run cards will have designated lanes for each qualifying run (R,L,R, or L,R,L) to keep one lane from being better than the other.

    The remaining non-qualifying entries will be moved to the Super Pro or Pro class and will receive a refund. The quick class purse will remain the same in either case.

    The remaining non-qualifying entries will be moved to the Super Pro or Pro class.

    Winner: $5,000
    Runner-up: $1,500
    Semi: $500
    Quarters: $250

    Entry fee: $250
    (16 car minimum)

    Electronics will be permitted. Cars must run quicker than 9.25; a .500 Tree will be used laddered on a NHRA 16-car sportsman ladder. Cars cannot dial outside of the class parameter (9.25) or slower than .1 tenth off their qualified time.

    Bounty will be paid based on Friday and Saturday's qualifying. Quickest Door and Open car will receive $250 each at the conclusion of qualifying on Saturday.

    Super Pro Class

    For those cars that use electronics and run between 6.49 and 12.50.

    Winner: $1,500
    Runner-up: $1,000
    Semi: $500
    Quarters: $150

    Entry fee: $150
    (16 car minimum)

    Buy backs are available in the Super Pro Class during the first and second rounds of eliminations for $50.

    Bounty will be paid based on Friday and Saturday's qualifying. Quickest Door and Open car will receive $150 each at the conclusion of qualifying on Saturday.

    Pro Class

    For those cars running 8.49 e.t.'s and slower, and not equipped with electronics.

    Winner: $1,250
    Runner-up: $750
    Semi: $300
    Quarters: $200

    Entry fee: $150
    (16 car minimum)

    Buy backs are available in the Pro Class during the first and second rounds of eliminations for $50.

    If total Pro Class entries exceed 150 qualified entries, Eights will be paid $150 each.

    Stock/Super Stock Class

    Stock/Super Stock Class combines both NHRA SS & Stock Eliminators and Nostalgia SS (5 tenths full tree, no A/FX cars allowed in this class).

    Class will follow all NHRA rules & safety rules (driving pants, coat, helmets, etc.) will be enforced. The combos will qualify off of reaction times during time trails for a ladder.

    Winner: $1,250.00
    Runner Up: $750.00
    Semiís: $250.0

    Entry Fee: $150.00 (16 Car Minimum)

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    TTI Nostalgia Super Stock/AFX

    Open to all makes and Models of NSS/AFX.

    Click here for the Rules

    Winner: $1,000.00
    Runner Up: $750.00
    Semi's: $250.00

    Entry fee: $150
    (16 car minimum) If less than 16 Entries-Entries will be moved to Pro or Street Class.

    Foot Brake Class

    To run this class the following items are not allowed. No electronics, no two step, no air or electric shifters.

    Driver skill is on display here.

    Winner: $500.00; Runner Up: $250; Semi: $125

    Entry Fee: $150.00
    (16 car minimum)

    SS/AH Hemi Super Stock Shootout

    NHRA SS/AH Rules and Tech apply. All cars must pass NHRA tech.

    Qualifying will be on Friday for qualifying ladder and the MCG /Painter Cup.

    The Hemi Super Stock Shoot-Out is for all '68 Hemi Dart and '68 Cudas. To have your name on the MCG /Painter Cup, you must out run everyone else and post an e.t. quicker than last year's winner. If you can accomplish this while staying within NHRA SS/AH rules, your name goes on the MCG/Painter Cup.

    The Cup will be on display at the Cannery Hotel and Casino until next year's event. Run cards will have designated lanes on them for each qualifying run (R,L,R or L,R,L) to keep one lane from being better than the other. Elimination and final rounds will be on Saturday of the event.

    Competition will be set on a sportsman ladder based on Friday's qualifying passes, racing heads up, no breakouts on a .500 tenths full tree. Consultation bracket for those who have lost a round are invited to participate in a continual grudge match race until an eventual winner is declared in the winner's bracket (Chicago style).

    Entry fee: TBA

    E-mail moparsatthestrip@hotmail.com your race confirmation two weeks prior to the event. Or call 702-256-8254.

    Purse: Based on 16 Cars Field, All entry must run under 9.53 (Current NHRA SS/AH index for alt adjusted track)
    • Winner: TBD
    • Runner Up: TBD
    • Semi's: TBD
    • Low ET: TBD

    Driver, Engine Builder and Chassis builders name on Cannery Cup and will be displayed at the Cannery Hotel all year.

    Contact Information: Joe Jackson, nitrojoe@neo.rr.com, 419-994-4993; Phil Painter, moparsatthestrip@hotmail.com, 702-256-8254.

    Modern Muscle

    The Modern Muscle class is for all 5.7 and 6.1 Hemi-equipped vehicles.

    Full bodied cars and trucks only.

    Winner: $500
    Runner-up: $200
    Semi: $75
    Low e.t.: $75

    Entry fee: $75
    (16 car minimum)

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    All Truck Class

    The All Truck Class is for full-size Rams, Dakota's, Durango's, race trucks, and street trucks. Diesels, Hemis, Superchargers, Etc. "Run what ya brung". Pass the tech inspection, set your dial, and don't run under 11.50 without proper tech safety requirements.

    Winner: $250
    Runner-up: $125
    Semi: $75
    Low e.t.: $75

    Entry fee: $75
    (16 car minimum)

    All Diesel Class

    Diesel Auto Power All Diesel Class, Open to Cummins Diesel Powered vehicles. All vehicles must pass NHRA Tech and adhere to NHRA safety rules. Exhaust turn-ups required. All contestant's motors and undercarriage must be free from debris, grime, mud and oil leaks. Time trials Friday and Saturday. Eliminations Sunday.

    Winner: $1000
    Runner-up: $250
    Semi: $100
    Low e.t.: $75

    Entry fee: $75
    (16 car minimum)
    If less than 16, all entries move to All Truck Class

    Slant Six Class

    The Slant Six Class is open to all entries with a Slant 6 motor.

    $50.00 dollars for each round won during eliminations.

    Entry fee: $75
    (8 car minimum)

    Sport Compact Class is for all those vehicles that came from the factory equipped with front-wheel drive.

    Winner: $250
    Runner-up: $125
    Semi: $75
    Entry fee: $75
    (16 car minimum) If less than 16 Entries entries will be moved to the Street class.

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Sponsored by Centerforce Clutches
(div of Midway Ind. Inc)

    Stick Class

    The Stick Class is open to all entries running a manual transmission with a clutch.

    Winner: $250
    Runner-up: $125
    Semi's: $75

    Entry fee: $75
    (16 car minimum)

    Pony Car Wars

    Class is open to 2006 and newer Challengers, Mustangs and Camaros. All power adders are legal. This class is for street legal entries. All entries must run on a dial.

    Winner: $500
    Runner-up: $250
    Semi's: $75

    Entry fee: $75
    (16 car minimum)

    Super Car Showdown

    The Super Car Showdown is for late model "super cars". Fastest combined time in both the Autocross and Drag Race. Awards will be given.

    Entry Fee is $160.00

    Street Class

    The Street Class is a fun class that everybody should be entered in. This is where beginners can have a blast in their Mopars.

    The top five places will each be awarded trophies. D.O.T. approved tires only.

    Top five: Trophies

    Entry fee: $75
    (16 car minimum)

    Time Only

    Time only passes: The class name says it all. Race and get a time slip, repeat the process.

    Entry fee: $75

    Mopars vs. The World

    This class is open to all Makes and Models.

    .5 Full Tree. Open to all bracket cars (electronics and non electronics). Compulink Cross Talk will NOT be used.

    Winner: $500; Runner Up: $250; Semi: $125

    Bounty of $500 if overall winner is a Mopar.

    Entry fee: $150
    (16 car minimum)

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General Race Information:

Class minimums are set at 16 vehicles.

If a class does not meet the class minimums,(except for Slant 6), and the participants want to continue in a group, the advertised payout will be void, and participants will be paid on a $50.00 per round won during eliminations.

Class size: If total qualified class entries exceed 150 qualified entries, Eights will be paid $150 each.

Additional Race Information
  1. Pro, Super Pro, Sport Compact, Street, Truck, Viper, Slant Six, Nostalgia Super Stock, Modern Muscle, Footbrake and Mopars vs. The World will be run as an E.T. bracket.

  2. .500 Full tree for all classes. Except NSS/FX. NSS/FX run on a .400 tree as stated at www.anwracing.com.

  3. Compulink Cross-Talk will be used for Quick 16 and Super Pro. If you do not wish to see your opponent's top bulb, please place an "N" after the dial-in on your window.

  4. Classes will be randomly paired until the semifinals before being placed on a qualified ladder based on closest to dial-in.

  5. Best reaction time on a winning run will determine the provisional bye.

  6. First or second round buybacks will be offered in Pro and Super Pro only.

  7. Please display all car numbers and dial-ins on the left (driver's side) of the car.

  8. All race entries include one weekend pass.

  9. Low e.t. is determined in those classes that have a bounty attached for low e.t. Low e.t.ís are determined by the quickest elapsed time during Friday and Saturdayís qualifying. Low e.t. bounties will be paid at the conclusion of qualifying on Saturday evening.

    Low E.T Bounties

    Quick 16 Door Car: $250
    Quick 16 Open Car: $250
    Super Pro Door Car: $150
    Super Pro Open car: $150
    Modern Muscle: $75
    All Truck: $75

  10. Punch cards will be handed out to all race participants after they pass tech. These punch cards will be used to ensure that every participant will receive equal passes. To ensure your equal number of passes, please be at LVMS early on Friday morning.

  11. Optional bonus rounds may be available if time permits on Friday evening. Schedule is greatly affected by car count, oil downs; please check your vehicle for leaks before leaving home.

  12. Synthetics oil products are popular as lubricants. The chemical compositions of these lubricants also make them very costly and difficult to remove from a race surface. The race rule concerning synthetic oil products: If you have an oil down during the event and are using synthetic oil products, you will be given a warning on the first occurrence. If you oil down the track a second time during the event, you will be disqualified from any further competition at this event. This comes from the staff at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and JP Motorsports. If you have a problem, please pull to the side and stop the vehicle as soon as possible, eliminating further damage and down time.

  13. Trailer parking is available at the strip for all race contestants at no additional cost. Any others (show car participants, vendors, and so on) wanting to leave their trailer during the event can leave their trailers for the entire weekend for an additional fee of $75.

  14. Motorized scooters, golf carts, and so on are permitted as long as they are operated by an adult, who is at least 16 years old and has a valid driver's license. Any minors operating these vehicles will be warned once; a second warning will result in the vehicle confiscated until the event concludes.

  15. Tech will be open on Thursday of the event starting at noon. ETI tech will be available. For a complete listing of tech rules and regulations consult our web site, www.matslv.com. If you are a beginner racer, tech is set up to protect you. Tech is there to ensure safety. Give your car a thorough visual inspection. Look for and fix anything that is leaking. Check your tires and brakes. Make sure that you have an overflow bottle for your radiator coolant. If the tech officials find something they don't like, they will address it with you and suggest remedies. You should have time to correct the problem before the racing begins. These are NHRA and LVMS Rules, we (JP Motorsports will not waive any safety rules, they are there for your protection). Double check your dates on your safety belts, change them before you leave home. They have to be correct to run.

  16. Roll bars: You must have a roll bar in vehicle running faster than 11:49. NHRA Chassis Tag is required on Roll Bars in vehicles running faster than 9.99.

  17. Roll cage certification is required for vehicles 9.99 seconds or quicker and/or for vehicles 135 mph or faster. Each second quicker you run, there are specific qualifications that are necessary to compete. Consult an official NHRA rule book.

  18. Non-racer trailer parking and RV parking at the strip during the weekend. A $75 fee will apply for non-racers for trailer or RV parking.

  19. Racer Parking is included with your entry fee.

  20. Trailer drop off prior to or after the event contact Las Vegas Motor Speedway Security at 702-632-8029.

  21. No trailers will be accepted inside the drag race facility until move in on Thursday of the event. Secured storage is available before and after the event by contacting LVMS Security at 702-632-8029.

  22. Race Radio Frequency: 103.9 FM. It is your responsibility to tune your radio to this station and listen for information concerning your race class call-ups. They will be announced over the public address system and also broadcasted over the radio at 103.9 FM. Tune your radio to this frequency upon entering Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

  23. Please only save a maximum of 4 racer pit parking on Thursday entry. Any questions ask the racing staff.

  24. A 10 mph speed limit in the pit area.

  25. Q) Can I run my generator on my RV at the event?
    A) Yes, but it is your responsibility to have an exhaust hose or Stack on your exhaust, or please be a good neighbor and move elsewhere.

  26. For further race information contact Nitro Joe Jackson at e-mail nitrojoe@neo.rr.com.

  27. Gate Information
    All spectators and participants are encouraged to use Interstate 15 to exit 54 (Speedway Boulevard). All facility entry gates will be located on the left side of the street. Please follow the signs.

    Gate 13: Optional Race Gate. This will be the only entry point for racers, Midway vendors and Jeep Off-Road participants.

    Gate 12: Spectators please use Speedway Boulevard Gate 12.

    Speedway Blvd - Hollywood Gate: Pre-Entered Racers enter here. Follow the loop road to the LVMS dirt track then make a right turn. Travel east until you arrive at the Drag Strip back gate.

  28. Attention Racers: with Tow Rig combinations longer than 45 feet combined. Do Not Use GATE 12 to Enter or EXIT. You run the risk of being high centered.

  29. Shipping Address: On the shipping label it must read (also on the side of the box):

    MOPARS at the Strip - DRAG TOWER
    Attn: Company/ Racer Name and Cell #
    7000 Las Vegas Blvd North
    Las Vegas NV 89115
    Racer Name: ___________
    Cell Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

    Please read the following: LVMS nor the event promoters can not be held liable for your missing packages. Packages must be received by the close of business the Wednesday before the event for delivery for the Mopars at the Strip event. Any package received after the Friday of the event, may be returned to sender at your expense.


For all current rules and/or changes please visit the NHRA website: www.nhra.com

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