VEGAS – 2017

Bob Riggle & the Hurst Hemi Underglass with Special Guest Appearance by Jay Leno


Witness Bob Riggle Pilot the Hurst Hemi Underglass Historic Last Wheelstand with Special Guest Jay Leno.

If you have not seen the episode on Jay Leno’s Garage, Bob Riggle and Jay Leno were attempting to preform a wheelie for the cameras for Jay Leno’s Garage. They were involved in a roll over wrecking the car, all caught on tape and shown on Jay Leno’s Garage. (click here to view the footage)

Jay Leno wanted to do a follow up story, the car has been completely rebuilt, and Bob and Jay want to capture another interview and footage. All the parties involved agreed that it would need to be at a drag strip where they can get the best performance possible. Bob’s wife has agreed to let him preform at one last event. Musclecars at the Strip, April 21-23 is the time and place that has been chosen for this Historic and final last stand.