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Three separate Car Shows vehicles will compete against their own brand. Mopar – Ford – GM Separated by brands.

Vintage Judging Categories: Vehicles are judged in three main categories: Stock, Modified, and Restified/Clone Classes. Classes are available from vipers to street rods, and everything in between. Classes may be split or combined, depending on pre-registered entries.  Judged vehicle must be pre-registered.  All Judged Classes, Entry fee: $75.00  *Participants are eligible for only one class*


This class is for original appearing

icca-1st-placevehicles, whether they are original from the factory or have been restored to look original. Vehicles must appear as they were delivered to the dealership as a new vehicle with original looking interiors and exterior paint colors that are consistent with the factory options that were available for that year, make, and model.

The car must be consistent with the build sheet. Matching numbers are not a must. Vehicle may have up to two modifications, such as tire, wheels, stereo, and so on, to remain in the stock class, but in case of a tie, they will be counted. (Note: this is not O.E. judging.)

Clone vehicles will be marked down and points deducted from the judging sheet if entered in the stock class. All Clone or Restified entries should be in the Restified/Clone Class.

Judged Entry Fee $75.00 Must Pre-enter.



This is for Day Two cars (meaning the second day after they left the dealership), this class is for cars with a color change, upgraded motor, but still maintaining a stock appearance. Engine swaps, color changes, upgraded radios, ignition, headers, intake, brakes, engine modifications are all acceptable in this class.

This class is for stock-appearing cars that have minor changes and modifications that enhance the total appearance and desirability of the vehicle. Clone vehicles should be in this class.

Judged Entry Fee $75.00 Must Pre-enter.


BECHARDThis class is for owners who like to individualize their vehicles. The more the vehicle is modified the better. This class will be judged on the quality of the modifications. The overall package is what matters and how well everything is tied together. Please list the modifications you have done on your vehicle and leave that list on the seat of your car for the judges to see.

The judges should be made aware of the painstaking time and effort you have spent on your car. Custom paint, tires, wheels, headers, engine swaps, and so on are welcome in this class. Points may actually may be deducted in this class for stock items.

Judged Entry Fee $75.00 Must Pre-enter.



This class is for all vehicles that have wheel tubs, hi-rise manifolds, blowers, and so on. As a general rule, to be in this class you must have wheel tubs.

Vehicles will be judged on the owner’s creativity and craftsmanship of the vehicle.

Judged Entry Fee $75.00 Must pre-enter.

Race Car


This class is all road racers, drag racers, stock cars,  Mopar, Ford and GM race vehicles, and so on. Makes will be judged in their own categories and areas.

Judged Entry Fee $75.00 Must Pre-enter.

The World’s Ultimate Muscle Car for Stock and Modified

The World’s Ultimate Muscle Car is designed to highlight the new trend in the Mopar, Ford and GM world of over-the-top cars. This prestigious honor will be bestowed on one deserving automobile of each make.  This award is designed to pay tribute to the ingenuity and vision necessary to produce the quintessential modified Muscle Car. Or to highlight the heritage of the Mopar, Ford and GM brands, celebrating the vision that built the most highly sought after and collectible muscle cars.

The World’s Ultimate Muscle Car award can be won only once with the same entry. Owners are welcome to compete with another car entry anytime. If you compete in the World’s Ultimate, you are not eligible to compete in the Judged or Popular Choice show, as there is special parking for World’s Ultimate. 1 Stock and 1 Modified award will be awarded for each make.

Entry fee: $175 Must Pre-enter.

Open Fun Field


A new class separated for you invited GM and Ford Friends. We have lots of comments from your faithful Mopar enthusiasts and event goers that their friends have GM and Ford and other specialty vehicles and would like to come to the event.

We have opened up a special Fun Field area just for them to come and enjoy all of the fun that you are having. So bring your friends invite them to join one of the MoPower Cruise’s and let’s all have a great time (this is not intended for rental cars).

Entry fee: $65.00 Must Pre-enter.

Judged Modern Muscle

For all 2006 and newer cars and trucks, stock or modified.

This class will be judged by a panel of judges, with award given.

Entry fee: $40.00/$50.00

MATS/MuscleCars at the Strip welcomes Ford and GM fans to join our Mopar fans in this celebration of the muscle car. There will be 3 separate areas for the Car Show, one for each make, Mopar, Ford and GM. The different makes will also be judged separately with your own peers.
Car Show Schedule

We would like all car show participants to have their vehicles in place by 10 a.m. This will give the judges adequate time to spend on each vehicle. Judging will take place all day on Friday. Judges will begin with start-up procedures. All judged vehicles will go through a system checklist to determine if the following systems are functioning properly: all lights, turn indicators, horn, fan switch, ease of vehicle starting and idle, wipers, radio, and so on.

Upon completion, the judges will come back through the class and judge from the judging sheets. If all judging is not completed by the end of the day on Friday, judging will again take place on Saturday until the class has been completed. There will be a chart at the Judges tent of what classes are being judged, so you can be aware of when your class is being Judged, to help free up your time at the event.  Remember, you are encourage to go out and enjoy the event. You only need to be by your vehicle when it is judged, and if you watch the chart at the judges tent, you will know when you have to stay close and when you can play, and if you have any questions, you can always ask at the tent.

Car Show Judge Identification: Judges will be wearing special colored judging shirts so you will be able to recognize them.

Misc: Vehicles will be displayed in classes. Maps and layout will be available for contestants upon the preregistration of their vehicles.

Awards: Class winners will be announced at the Car Show Awards Ceremony at 2 p.m. on Sunday at the Judge’s tent. All winners should pick up their awards at the event. Awards will not be sent after the event. Event photo opportunities will be available after the awards ceremony.

Class Size

If there are more than 15 vehicles entered in the same class, the class will be divided by the vehicle make, then by the year of cars in the class. All contestants in a judged class will be judged by the same staff and with the same judging sheets to ensure fairness.


Our judging staff is made up of a group of highly skilled enthusiasts who have a vast knowledge and experience in the automotive and restoration field. Many of our judges have built and restored national award-winning cars and have extensive show car experience.

We are always looking for qualified judges that have extensive knowledge in stock original cars. We are also looking for individuals who are qualified for O.E. If you feel you have these qualifications and have a desire to help, please e-mail us at or send your written resume to Mopars at the Strip Judges, Steve Hinckley, 1263 North 1300 East, Lehi, UT 84043.